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star trek creator the authorized biography of gene - star trek creator the authorized biography of gene roddenberry david alexander on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this is the book star trek fans have been waiting for the one and only authorized biography of gene roddenberry, list of star trek the original series episodes wikipedia - created by gene roddenberry the science fiction television series star trek which eventually acquired the retronym star trek the original series starred william shatner as captain james t kirk leonard nimoy as mr spock and deforest kelley as dr leonard bones mccoy aboard the fictional federation starship uss enterprise, star trek vi the undiscovered country wikipedia - star trek vi the undiscovered country is a 1991 american science fiction film released by paramount pictures it is the sixth feature film based on star trek and a sequel to the 1966 1969 star trek television series, deanna troi memory alpha fandom powered by wikia - deanna troi was a half betazoid half human starfleet officer under the command of captain jean luc picard she served as ship s counselor aboard the uss enterprise d and the uss enterprise e in 2379 troi transferred to the uss titan star trek the next generation star trek nemesis as a, these are the voyages tos season one these are the - in the 1980s gene roddenberry and robert h justman gave marc cushman permission to write the definitive history of the first star trek they backed their stamp of approval by providing documentation never before shared with the public