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spanish missions in california wikipedia - part of a series on the spanish missions in california architecture of the california missions mission revival architecture california mission clash of cultures, california mission background and history california - from 1769 to 1823 spanish soldiers and monks built a total of 21 missions and 5 presidios or military forts stretching north from mexico through california, california missions facts summary history com - the california missions began in the late 18th century as an effort to convert native americans to catholicism and expand european territory spain was responsible for the missions which scholars believe were attempts to colonize the pacific coast of north america, mission santa barbara wikipedia - history mission santa barbara s name comes from the legend of saint barbara a girl who was beheaded by her father for following the christian faith, athanasius schaefer california missions - introduction what are the california missions why were they built who established them these are fundamental questions surrounding an enterprise that saw spain achieve her greatest extension of empire in the late 18th early 19th century, california missions coloring book dover history coloring - california missions coloring book dover history coloring book david rickman on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers between 1769 and 1823 under the leadership of father jun pero serra the spanish established a chain of missions along the california coast models of architectural beauty, global strategies group investing in defence and - global strategies group specialising in global defence and national security technology software and systems founded by damian perl, mission san luis rey de francia athanasius - eighteenth mission date founded june 13 1798 founder father fermin francisco de lasuen named for saint louis ix king of france location mission san luis rey, mission furniture s style a brief history - mission craftsman furniture mission style is a generic term often used to refer to mission revival style architecture the architecture of the spanish missions located throughout the southwestern united states and mexico or to the design elements of the american arts and crafts movement, our embassies and consulates overseas department of - australian government embassies high commissions consulates multilateral missions and representative offices