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killing your 1000 grocery bill mr money mustache - to research this article i biked over to the health food store in my town a place called natural grocers that attempts to imitate whole foods, calling all vegans tell me about your periods lara briden - if you follow my blog then you know how much i care about women and women s health i want women to be fully nourished and to eat in a way that supports ovulation, living with hashimoto s thyroiditis as a vegan - below you will read about my experience with hashimoto s thyroiditis as a vegan advice my doctors gave to me and an idea of how i manage do not take, how to fight breast fibroadenomas naturally without surgery - discover how to get rid of fibroadenomas naturally surgery is not always the correct solution find out about the natural treatment, 5 reasons why nearly everyone even vegetarians should - a silent epidemic with serious consequences what you need to know about b12 deficiency why you should think twice about vegetarian and vegan diets, for vegans denise minger - 2 avoid high omega 6 vegetable oils like soybean oil corn oil cottonseed oil sunflower oil peanut oil or margarines made from these oils instead use heat, b12 deficiency chris kresser let s take back your health - a silent epidemic with serious consequences what you need to know about b12 deficiency why you should think twice about vegetarian and vegan diets, treating kidney failure through diet nutritionfacts org - not only do plant based diets appear to prevent kidney function decline they may also be used to treat kidney failure even at the same protein loads the, what is the wild diet fat burning man - a word of caution everything you think you know about diet and exercise is probably wrong it s time to change your relationship to fat whole grains, why i ditched low carb cheeseslave - i take my temperature before i get out of bed in the morning to get my basal body temperature then i take my temperature 2 3 more times throughout the day, the 1 reason why honey is vegan - i agree guys thanks for bringing this up it does make folks feel that much more removed from the possibility of ever becoming vegan which is very harmful to our case, paleo autoimmune protocol print out guides what to eat - we ve created paleo autoimmune protocol print out guides to provide a quick reference you can post them on your fridge take them with you when you shop or send to, what are the healthiest foods nutritionfacts org - the latest dietary guidelines have a chapter on food components to reduce but when they say things like reduce intake of solid fats major sources of, saturated fat reduces risk of stroke and heart disease - as readers of the book know we regard saturated and monounsaturated fats as the only macronutrients that are safe in unlimited doses other macronutrients become, reversing hashimoto s naturally unapologetically strong - it s estimated that 90 percent of people who have low thyroid function have hashimoto s disease but natural and whole foods therapies can help, neu5gc and autoimmunity hashimoto s hypothyroidism - very interesting paul thanks for delving into the emerging evidence for us i love seafood and would be perfectly happy eating it every day, the leptin rx faqs jack kruse - i think if i went back to eating wheat grains fructose and omega six oils about a year that is not going to happen now that i know what causes the, paradigm shift mark s daily apple - there s a good reason so many people mostly the sugar burners whose disparate group includes fruitarians veg ans heders body builders most mds the, well the new york times - doctors need to talk to families about guns and dementia as the number of americans with alzheimer s disease and other forms of dementia rises health